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Buffet Lunch
Enjoy the Lunch Buffet with Punjabi special & North Indian, veg & non-veg, cuisines like veg & non-veg starters, salads, main course and desserts.
Chicken Tandoori
Chicken marinated with special blend of spices & yogurt. Cooked on charcoal Tandoori.
Chhole Bhature
Best Chhole Bhature ever!!!
This little hole-in-the-wall establishment treated me with a plate of the best chhole bhature I've ever had. Chhole done to perfection and light and fluffy bhaturas, it was sorta like a dream come true..
Shahi Paneer
Soft cottage cheese pieces served in thick tomato gravy. This shahi paneer recipe is perfect for a dinner party and would leave your guests craving for more.